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Gone Baby Gone - Available on DVD & Blu-Ray now!
Ed Harris in Gone Baby Gone Hollywood came to Murphy's Law in March 2006,when Ben Affleck in search of locations for the critically acclaimed major motion picture "Gone Baby Gone",arrived at our door. Accompanied by his production staff Ben personally began taking photographs of the bar and it's many patrons.Most were taken aback not by his celebrity, but by how down to earth and unassuming he was.

Filming commenced in June 2006, as Ben arrived with producer Alan Ladd(who greenlit the original Star Wars), John Toll (cinematographer of Brave Heart), Sean Bailey, Dave Crockett, (location manager) Charlie Harrington, and all of the behind the scenes people who make it all possible. Gone Baby Gone

On a personal note I found the whole experience fascinating despite the long hours and the numerous retakes.It was great to see first hand what it takes to make a movie and then see the finished product. Ben also made it a point to include the staff of Murphy's Law in various scenes throughout the film such as the crowd scene at the opening of the movie and the funeral scene,where I portrayed a Boston Police Officer. Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone is a GREAT film, that is very thought provoking and will stick with you for days. We are very proud to have been a part of Ben's directorial debut. If this film is any indication Ben has a bright future ahead of him,and it's nice to see this new avenue opened up to him.

- Scott
Darts, Video Games, Live Entertainment, Golden Tee 2004, Music, and more...
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